“State National’s efficient collateral protection program has allowed us to manage our loan growth effectively. We have a deeper relationship, both professionally and personally, with State National’s staff, going all the way to the executive level.”

Large Mid-Atlantic Credit Union

Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

Comprehensive. Agile. Streamlined. Proactive. As the industry leader in CPI, State National delivers the level of service and expertise that help you stay ahead of risk. Protect your auto loan business. Grow your loan portfolio. Improve your bottom line. And always ensure the best interest of your borrowers.

We work with many lenders who are at the top of their field. In fact, many of our clients tend to outperform their peers. This level of performance serves as a constant reminder for us to continually strive to lead our industry by providing solutions that are as unique as our partners.

More growth. Less risk.

Protect your portfolio and grow your business by letting us take on the risk of exposure from losses due to borrowers not having insurance.

Keep up.

Respond to issues quickly by utilizing our fully transparent and intuitive web-based system. Tracking insurance on over 6.2 million loans for over 600 clients has taught us to be efficient. Management reports are updated in real time to provide a snapshot of every loan, claim and borrower interaction.

Get it done.

We help you minimize the paperwork and reduce the costs of tracking insurance so you can make smart loans, focus on your customers and manage your team more efficiently.

Our proprietary claims system allows you to file claims online. Once a claim is filed, it is adjusted for all available coverages and promptly paid. All payments are made based on the one easy-to-file claim. This significantly reduces your workload, eliminates partial payments and helps protect your bottom line.

Helping you to do business better.

InsurTrak is the only fully online insurance tracking system. It gives you the power to respectfully and efficiently handle your borrowers, allowing you to focus on growing your business. From recorded calls available online, to online program management with reporting, billing, and claims, InsurTrak gives you robust features to allow you to have as much visibility into the program as you want. Our proprietary outbound call management system, Veritrak, manages outbound campaigns to verify insurance before CPI is placed.

You succeed.

Your success depends on customized solutions to effectively address your needs. A mix of coverages and benefits to help you grow your business. Service that makes you a trusted partner and not just a customer. Only State National can do all this — and more — to truly fit your needs.

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