The Alliance

Great News for Credit Unions! We have formed an alliance with CUNA Mutual Group to handle all of CUNA Mutual’s automobile collateral protection insurance business. State National will provide insurance tracking, underwriting, program administration and customer service. It also entails claims administration. CUNA Mutual looked at other options and partners, but chose us because of our years of experience and focus on the product.

This alliance creates the largest CPI resource for credit unions in the marketplace and represents a significant opportunity for State National that we believe will deliver long-term benefits to our entire client base. We were interested in this alliance because it presents a real opportunity to increase our market presence. We will have greater visibility with credit unions nationwide and we will be able to bring customers more value-added services and program features. We remain committed to CPI product enhancement in order to continue to deliver unique program benefits, services, and claims advantages that other companies simply do not offer.

This alliance is truly a win-win for State National and our credit union clients and we are excited about the opportunities it represents.