Alliance Transition A Success

We've completed the seven-month transition of CUNA Mutual's auto CPI business to our State National program. Adding several hundred new accounts was no simple task. It took months of strategic planning and execution to make sure both current and transitioning accounts would receive the highest level of service. We added more people, resources, and IT resources to ensure we had the capacity to succeed, and it took the unwavering efforts of all our staff to make it happen.

Some competitors questioned our ability to successfully undertake this ambitious project, but we never doubted ourselves and neither did the customers who have come to know State National's commitment to service excellence. We also surveyed accounts that transitioned and have been delighted at the overwhelming and positive comments about State National. As Centra Credit Union's vice president of consumer lending, Robert L. Crump, stated, "The flow of business through State National has been very smooth from day one."

The CUNA Mutual and State National alliance is delivering both immediate and long-term benefits to credit unions and their members, but we're not done yet. The alliance is the largest CPI resource for credit unions in the marketplace, allowing us to offer more value-added services and program features. The new business marketing potential is tremendous! So stay tuned, because we're just getting started.