No one navigates the complexities of insurance better than State National.

Simplify the complex. Accelerate your success. With State National, it’s that simple.

Headquartered in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex in Texas, we support clients nationwide with the industry’s most advanced insurance solutions and services. Credit unions, banks, and finance companies enjoy unmatched flexibility and customization through our enhanced portfolio protection and insurance tracking. And with an “A” rating in all 50 states, we offer turnkey policy fronting that gives various businesses the agility and credentials necessary to capitalize on emerging market opportunities. Make it simple with State National and accelerate your business today.

Our Story

When Lonnie, Terry, and Garry Ledbetter founded State National Companies back in 1973, little did they know what their new business venture would look like nearly 50 years later. From a single managing general agency to a network of insurance companies and agencies licensed across the U.S. to becoming a part of an international Fortune 500 insurance giant Markel, State National’s goal has always been simplifying the complexities of insurance for our clients. From the beginning, our high-quality programs and superior service helped us form a unique insurance company with thriving relationships, based on creating customized solutions that address the nuances of each client’s business.

Innovative insurance products are the foundation of our CPI operations, bolstered by a strong history of strategic alliances and acquisitions that bring people and technology together. We assumed control of our first insurance company in 1979, which became the genesis of our fronting business, expanding our products and providing a vision for the future.

“Our goal at State National is and has always been to help our clients achieve success, not only because when they are successful, we are successful — but also because we truly care about them and believe in doing whatever we can to help them, their customers, and their communities.”

Trace Ledbetter, Executive Vice President, Lender Services