“State National’s efficient collateral protection program has allowed us to manage our loan growth effectively. We have a deeper relationship, both professionally and personally, with State National’s staff, going all the way to the executive level.”

Mid-Atlantic credit union client

Simplify how you Safeguard Loan Collateral

Find the right fit to protect your auto loan portfolio with the full range of solutions from State National. Let us take on your risk related to uninsured borrowers, so you can focus on growing your business.

Find out how State National can help solve real-world challenges:

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More growth. Less risk.

As the industry leader in Collateral Protection Insurance, State National continues to build on our services and expertise to safeguard your portfolio and improve your ongoing performance.

Streamline the process.

Experience the easiest claim-filing process in the industry, requiring no paperwork for most types of claims. Simply file a claim, and we'll process it for all applicable coverages — and pay it promptly.

Free your team to focus on customers.

Work more efficiently and respond to issues quickly by using the industry's only fully online tracking system, InsurTrak. You get as much visibility into your program as you want, with easy access to complete program management and reporting — including recordings of all borrower calls. Applying knowledge gained from tracking insurance on over 6.4 million loans for over 600 clients, InsurTrak is loaded with convenient, innovative features that help you:

  • Save time and minimize paperwork like no other tracking system.
  • Get instant access to all the real-time data you need.
  • Ensure complete transparency for every transaction.