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Find the right fit to protect your loan portfolio with a full range of insurance solutions from State National. We provide a one-stop shop for the protection of most forms of collateral so you can concentrate on growing your business without taking on the risk of uninsured borrowers.

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Protect your loan portfolio.

At State National, we have specialized in loan tracking and portfolio protection insurance for nearly 50 years. To us, the ins and outs of collateral protection are second nature. Portfolio protection insurance by State National protects the collateral on a borrower’s car, truck, boat, other vehicle, or home. The program covers uninsured borrowers and provides a variety of flexible coverage options to suit the needs of your business.

Collateral protection insurance (CPI), sometimes called force placed insurance, provides a solution by helping mitigate the risk lenders incur when offering vehicle loans to borrowers. Because CPI can be helpful during all economic circumstances, it serves as both a short-term and long-term security measure.

“I've been in this business for about 20 years and have worked with different CPI companies throughout the years, and with State National it's a different feel. Working with State National, I get that efficient, seamless process I didn't have with other companies.”

Larry Jimenez, AVP of Payment Solutions, True Sky Credit Union


How Does CPI Work?

Portfolio protection insurance shares similar characteristics with all types of insurance: Policies are written, and insurers pay claims when losses occur. However, there are also significant differences between CPI and other types of insurance. You should be familiar with these differences when choosing a program and provider for your financial institution.

Because CPI placement is determined by the status of underlying insurance, a high-quality portfolio protection program requires a high level of service, monitoring, and management to avoid accidental lender-placed insurance. Your provider’s ability to quickly and accurately identify and manage a lapse in coverage directly correlates to saving you time and money.

Just like shopping for a personal insurance policy, when shopping for a collateral protection program you should seek out a partner who best fits with your institution’s style, values, needs, and philosophy.

What Sets Our Collateral Protection Programs Apart?

What makes State National’s portfolio protection programs higher quality than the rest? The list is long, but here are just a few of the ways we go the extra step at every step:

  • No bundling, no distractions — as the industry specialist, portfolio protection is our core focus
  • Advanced proprietary technology and processes — to track and complete insurance verifications in real time
  • Minimal work to administer — frees your staff’s time and saves you labor costs
  • Access to real-time updates and reporting on demand — with our unmatched transparency, you are never in the dark
  • A better borrower experience — click here to find out why
  • Your own dedicated service team of CPI experts — State National’s high-touch service model is unique in the industry
  • True partnership — our success depends on your success, and we work every day to help your business grow
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Reduced Noise. Superior Delivery.

Through proprietary technologies like WRAP (Web-Based Robotic Automated Processing), VeriTrak, and InstaClaim, we seamlessly handle tasks such as data gathering, verifications, notifications, and claims payments automatically using artificial intelligence and machine learning — quickly, accurately, and with everything updated in real time in InsurTrak.

 State National was the industry pioneer in insurance tracking technology, and to this day no other insurance tracking software product even comes close to the functionality and transparency of InsurTrak, our powerful, one-of-a-kind proprietary software.

InsurTrak continuously monitors the insurance status of every mortgage and auto loan, providing a complete transaction history. You get as much visibility into your program as you want, with easy access to complete program management and reporting — including recordings of all borrower calls, available immediately right in the system.

Currently tracking millions of loans per month for clients of all sizes across the U.S., InsurTrak leverages continuously updated insurance insights for your business, providing convenient, innovative features that help you manage your loan portfolio with less effort, less time spent, and less stress.

You’ll also experience the fastest and easiest claim-filing process in the industry, requiring no paperwork for most claims. Simply file a claim and we’ll process it for all applicable coverages — and ensure prompt payment.

Our insurance submission web portal,, is customized to the needs of borrowers — making it incredibly easy for them to get the information they need and submit their documentation online. Plus, it’s privately labeled with your financial institution’s brand, establishing trust and reinforcing the relationship you have with your borrowers.

Other Ways We Raise the Bar

Strategic alliances

We’re the best at what we do because we focus exclusively on portfolio protection — and because we partner with like-minded companies that are also the best at what they do. We keep good company — and when you partner with us, you do too.


More growth. Less risk.

As the industry leader in collateral protection insurance, State National continues to build on our services and expertise to safeguard your portfolio, improve your ongoing performance, and protect your most valuable asset — your reputation.

While it’s impossible to avoid all risk (other than by stopping writing loans altogether), our protection programs help lenders find their unique risk mitigation equilibrium point — while minimizing friction and noise and protecting your borrower relationships.


State National also offers insurance fronting in all 50 states, increasing your ability to pursue new markets and capitalize on game-changing opportunities.

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