Proven Collateral Protection for Credit Unions

Stellar service for your members. Fewer hassles for your employees. And greater protection for your portfolio. As the industry leader in collateral protection insurance (CPI), that’s what State National can bring to your credit union every day. Our CPI program comes with powerful tools to help staff and borrowers alike. You’ll minimize risks and maximize benefits with flexible coverages crafted to create a protection program created specifically for your credit union’s unique needs.

This is what you’ll get with every one of our programs:

Take Greater Care of Your Members

We have a reputation for exceptional service and support. When your members call, they’ll talk to a trained, courteous representative who knows collateral protection inside and out.

When you partner with State National, we become an extension of your credit union — a large responsibility we take seriously. Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality member experience by providing extraordinary levels of service and proactively identifying and addressing areas for improvement.

We do everything we can to ensure your members feel respected and well served — because their positive experience becomes their positive impression of your credit union.

Read more about how we deliver world-class service to your members.

Technology Drives Efficiency

As the experts in CPI we know exactly what is needed for an optimally run CPI program and are constantly looking for ways to work better, smarter, and faster — because efficiency, cost savings, and superior service should go hand in hand. If we can’t find the best technology for the job, we create it.

State National’s automated processes and programs, including, sophisticated phone technologies, database management, AI robotic process automation (RPA), IVR technologies, InsurTrak, WRAP (Web-Based Robotic Automated Processing), VeriTrak, and InstaClaim do the heavy lifting for you and provide you with superior results. Because innovation is our mindset, our services and products are simply better.

And for borrowers we offer convenient text and email notifications and submissions, our borrower submission portal branded with your credit union’s logo, and our exclusive custom insurance deficiency videos to educate and inform borrowers about their specific insurance impairment.

Dive in and learn more about how our innovative technologies work to optimize your portfolio protection program.

Bottom-Line Benefits

Since we are both the provider and the underwriter, there’s no confusion, no delays, and no complications when it comes to your portfolio protection. Our focus is reducing your risk and improving your bottom line.

Find out more about our risk mitigation solutions.

Transparency & Compliance

We believe in accountability and transparency.

Our fundamental business goal is to protect clients. In order to do that effectively as your partner, we share the information we have about your program with you in real time. Our ability to capture and update information efficiently means whatever information we have — you have.

We document everything, providing full program transparency and metrics so you are never in the dark. Our quality assurance program allows us to exceed our own service standards.  From monitoring calls and claims to surveying our customers, absolute satisfaction is the only acceptable result. Anything less and we recalibrate our thinking and work to improve.

A full range of options to fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for traditional CPI, a monthly program, or something in between, we offer a range of programs to fit your needs. We also offer complementary insurance programs like Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and Claims Advocacy & Recovery Services (CARS) to boost your risk mitigation.

Switch without a glitch.

The process for converting your CPI program to State National covers all the bases, with clearly defined responsibilities that make it easy on you and your staff. Get started today.

Simply a better choice.

Regardless of which insurance option you choose, you can count on:

  • Proven collateral protection programs with little impact on your staff.
  • A fast and efficient process, thanks to advanced technologies like InsurTrak — our web-based, real-time CPI management system.
  • Less member noise with extensive proactive verification and the industry’s most sophisticated notice cycle.

“Before we switched to InsurTrak I was probably spending at least two hours a day, looking at reports, manually posting and manually refunding. Some days, more than that. Now, it might be 15 minutes. It’s night and day.”

Karen Hoeppner, Chief Lending Officer, My Credit Union


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