Risk Mitigation to Increase Bottom-Line Benefits

Collateral protection insurance, or CPI, provides a solution by helping mitigate the risk lenders incur when offering loans to borrowers. Because CPI can be helpful during all economic circumstances, it serves as both a short-term and long-term security measure. Using State National’s portfolio protection program not only boosts your bottom line by reducing charge-offs, it also gives you more time to spend providing excellent service and performing other value-added tasks.


Lender-Friendly Claim Philosophy

We pay an average of 20% more in claims dollars. Most claims require no paperwork — just one simple online submission. InstaClaim is our fully automated process that approves many claims types in 10 seconds or less. All other claims types average a turn time of 5 days or less.

CPI is a fundamental part of a comprehensive risk management strategy that offers consistent protection for your loan business. With today’s tight auto loan margins, consumer credit woes, and the particular perils of indirect lending, it has never been more critical to consider how your portfolio protection strategy can impact you and your borrowers. Now more than ever, the surest, fairest, most effective way to insure against loan portfolio losses is with a robust tracking and insurance program. No other risk management mechanism can claim a similarly positive impact on your bottom line, and no other risk-transfer strategy is more effective and efficient than CPI from State National, given the tools used to power it.

Highlighting the Difference Between Self-Insurance, Blanket Coverage & CPI


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Portfolio Protection

Auto lenders protect portfolios with Collateral
Protection Insurance & related programs.

Portfolio Protection