Mitigate Risk, Maximize Returns: Your Solution for Uninsured Borrowers


In the world of auto finance, the near-prime and subprime market can often expose lenders to the risk of uninsured borrowers. But here’s the good news: State National is here to empower you with custom, cost-effective solutions that not only safeguard your interests but also save you substantial resources.


With over 50 years of expertise, we’ve witnessed the transformative impact of tailored claim philosophies, cutting-edge technology capabilities, unwavering service commitments, and specialized expertise on lenders’ outcomes.


At State National, we’re dedicated to reducing your charge-offs, minimizing your exposure to risk, ensuring you’re protected, and delivering results that truly matter. Discover how our customized solutions can make a significant difference for your lending business.


Ready to explore the future of risk mitigation? Download our “50 Years, 50 Reasons” checklist to discover how State National has redefined portfolio protection for today’s modern lender.