April Fools’ — SNERP Behind the Curtain

Who is SNERP? Well, although our WRAP software robots work tirelessly day and night, they are invisible and hard to picture. So we brought SNERP — SNC’s robot mascot — to life.

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I Don’t Understand Why We Don’t Have All the Business!

What’s our EVP of Sales John Pearson shouting about? More money for financial institutions, amazing customer service, internally built programs, proactively avoided friction on claims, and superior technology. It’s undeniable, State National’s portfolio protection programs are better. Read to find out why.

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Expanded Use of AI-Based WRAP Delivers Results

Our WRAP (Web-Based Robotic Automated Processing) system is continuing to increase efficiencies. WRAP now proactively searches for new policy information from the top 5 auto insurance carriers in the country. If a new policy is found, our robots will update a borrower’s insurance information without ever notifying the borrower!

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Innovation and Customer Experience

We define success by more than financial outcomes — we consider the quality of our relationships with our clients to be just as, if not more, important. Our high NPS score is due to State National’s culture, which is built around technological innovation and customer experience.

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Core Conversions: We’ve Seen a Few!

Core conversion is inevitable with institutional growth. State National has witnessed hundreds of our credit union, bank, and finance company partners’ core conversions. Based on careful pattern observations, we share insights on ensuring a seamless transition so you can “measure twice and convert once.”

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