First Northern CU: Switching Providers Brought Major Advantages

Maximizing Member Value with Service

Established in 1944 to serve Commonwealth Edison Company employees and family members as their company credit union, First Northern Credit Union has grown to serve communities and companies throughout northern Illinois, including ComEd. First Northern is one of the largest, healthiest and most progressive credit unions in Illinois, with assets of over $305 million and a membership more than 23,000 strong. Learn more at

With over $305 million in assets, First Northern Credit Union of Illinois keeps a close eye on their bottom line for their 23,000 members. In 2004, they realized their existing Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) program was costing members too much money, so they began researching alternate providers.

State National stood out from the beginning. Between service, technology, and cost, their CPI program offered the best value for credit union members. First Northern was also impressed with State National’s approach to the sales process.

“They cut away all the superfluous junk that usually happens in the sales process and got down to brass tacks,” said Chris Durkin, Vice President of Service. “We’ve always had an excellent relationship, starting with the salespeople who worked to gain our trust and make sure they were giving us accurate information.”

Since the switch, First Northern has enjoyed major advantages.

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