Pronto Finance: The Best Technology Brings Bottom-Line Benefits

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Pronto Finance believes that applying for a loan and establishing credit doesn’t need to be a frustrating or overly complicated process, especially for people who need to establish or repair credit. Their team of auto finance professionals work with dealers and consumers who are looking for a “no hassle” loan experience — the Pronto Way. Pronto is proud to be a member of the American Financial Service Association (AFSA) and supports their mission of protecting access to credit and consumer choice. Visit them at

Pronto Finance is one of the top Chicagoland-area finance companies, established in 2005 and specializing in nonprime/subprime consumer loans. They understand that, as much as they would like every borrower in their portfolio to carry traditional auto insurance coverage, in reality that’s not always the case. So they know they need an alternative method to track borrowers’ insurance coverage and insure the underlying collateral — to protect not only their customers but also their bottom line.

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